Friday, November 2, 2012


In an exclusive interview with Gov’t Review held at state house Nakasero on a bright sunny Monday afternoon, the First Lady and Minister for Karamoja, Mrs. Janet Museveni, revealed what motivates her to serve her country. (see our lead story and full interview inside.) Mrs Museveni says thus; “It’s my duty, just like I believe that it’s a duty of every Ugandan to improve every part of Uganda. We must work to ensure that Uganda can become an interesting place to visit instead of us admiring other countries and thinking that our own country is not interesting, it’s not developed. If we don’t do that work ourselves, Uganda will never become better. Besides, those countries we look at and admire have been beautified by their own people. So it’s up to us to work and ensure that Uganda becomes better and that means every part of Uganda, every corner of Uganda- so that the next generation which will come after us will find a better place to live and work.” We at Gov’t Review a publication which is premised at publishing information about Uganda’s development agenda and explain government policy -to inspire Ugandans to do much more for our country, are in total agreement with Mrs. Museveni’s views about the path our country should take for greater economic growth and development. The great American leader, John F Kennedy at his inauguration in Washington on January 20 1961, stated; “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” We believe that a time has come for Ugandans as well, to ask what they can do for their country instead of waiting for handouts from our development partners or more still the central government. Mrs. Museveni, made a more comprehensive case for Ugandans especially the young generation to embrace hard work and be patriotic citizens . This is what we need if we are to remain a truly competitive nation in a tight global economic arena where the gap between the wealthy and poor is widening everyday. Let Ugandans ride on the good government ecomomic policies and targeted interventions like the affirmative action in Karimoja region and the youth fund to emancipate ourselves and make a meaningful contribution for individual growth and national development. Government has stood-up for Karamoja a hitherto neglected ,isolated part of our country and we support Mrs. Janet Museveni who is running the Karamoja docket under the Office of the Prime Minister in her endeavour to lead the transformation of the region . She is rallying the region for the larger purpose of greater freedom and revival. Executive Editor