Friday, February 18, 2011


Millions of Ugandans have turned out to cast their votes in yet another historic general election that is likely to change the political landscape of the country. The presidential campaigns have been innovative and unprecedented as the candidates embraced the fast changing dynamics in communication especially the social networks.

Just last week the first ever mayoral debate was successfully organsised by Monitor Publications Limited and Nation Television (NTV) at Serena hotel in Kampala. Even the most critical opposition candidates at all levels can attest the fact that overall ,the campaigns have been peaceful thus far.

Now the day of reckoning has arrived and as the Electoral Commission readies to announce the results and the eventual winners, let the people’s will prevail. The Ugandan people have made their choices and their decisions at the polls should be honoured.. Elections are a celebration of every citizen's fundamental right to vote and must be respected by all.

It's encouraging that the campaign process has been conducted in a calm and peaceful manner . we now call on all political actors, particularly the candidates to maintain a high level of integrity in the electoral process, and respect the responsibility of managing the elections by the Electoral Commission.

It’s was also prudent for the Electoral Commission, the Uganda Police Force, and Uganda Media Council to generated agreed guidelines and codes of conduct for law enforcement officials and the media during the elections. It is hoped that strict adherence to the governing laws of the country will ensure that the outcome of the electoral process is legitimate and acceptable by all parties and citizens.

But the Electoral Commission, should ensure transparency in the way the votes are counted and the results released to the public. They should ensure that the ballot boxes are not tampered with especially after the votes are tallied at the polling centers.

The results should be released expeditiously in order not to create any environment for suspicion. And all Ugandans should be prepared to accept the outcome of the polls whether our respective candidates have won or not . In other words the t the country should remain united whatever the out come of the polls.

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