Saturday, July 14, 2012


EDITOR’S NOTE Today marks yet another milestone in Uganda’s media industry as we have come to know it .Government Review , a new monthly development oriented magazine with unique content, projection and disposition, has been born. Tailored at promoting the national development agenda, the magazine shall exclusively focus on critical national development issues to ensure public accountability, transparency and good government. So, in effect , there will be moderate focus on politics and more emphasis on development matters in this magazine\s columns. As a development mouthpiece, we shall strive to practice a brand of journalism that is fair and balanced, always publishing well researched and accurate information about the central and local government performance; policy reviews across all sectors to enable citizens participate in their country's development agenda. This is a media platform crafted to showcase the key development success stories while not losing sight of the challenges that confront the country and what should be done to overcome those challenges. We shall talk to the national and local leaders, the business gurus and our development partners to bring to you their thoughts about government’s national development policies and programs and how there are meant to benefit the Ugandan people. We acknowledge and thank government ministries and agencies that have worked with us to put together this publication. And from the onset, therefore, we at Government Review ,owe our readers a great debt of gratitude for your promise to stand with us and together help develop our country. Moses Sserwanga Executive Editor

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