Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mbabazi vs Museveni Presidential Petition No. 1 ,2016

Counsel for the petitioner Jude Byamukama and first respondent Kiwanuka kiryowa made us proud at the bar in their closing arguments in the Mbabazi vs Museveni&Ors presidential petition. Their clarity of thought and being alive to the facts and law was quite exemplary .I mean ,as lawyers we don’t know the law but we know where to find it -those two , plus our seniour head of the bar, Mwesigwa Rukutana ,about whether AG should be joined in election petitions as a party and Oryem who still argued the substantiality element on behalf of the 1st respondent -stood out in the 2016 election petition. In my view, there is still a grey area about the issue of substantiality and I’m confident their lordship will definitely deal with it and pronounce themselves in order to grow our jurisprudence. We await their verdict on March 31,2016. Otherwise , for the rest of the issues framed ,I concur with my learned brothers submissions for the respondents . And in judicial processes ,lets stay clear of partisan political interests . That’s why i stated at the onset of this judicial matter - that we should all submit to their lordship’s wise counsel. So we shouldn’t expect this old argument sijui -cadre judges .
God bless our country .

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